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Masunaga since 1905

Masunaga is the first Japanese company that since 1905 has been designing, producing and handcrafting unique eyewear models with details that enhance the maniacal workmanship of these historic craftsmen. Every time eyewear is designed, the company makes the mold from the beginning, checking the slightest imperfections in order to then reach perfection, being one of the very few companies that takes care of all the manufacturing processes from start to finish. Ottica Gallia and Frank Lo have been representing this historical reality in Rome with seriousness and professionalism for over twenty years. Masunaga glasses are made of titanium and seasoned acetate that is hand-polished with clay, an important process to maintain its brilliance over the years and avoid crystallization of the material itself. Masunaga company has entered into an interesting collaboration and the birth of the collection. Within our Ottica Gallia and Frank Lo stores, the Masunaga and Masunaga eyewear collection designed by Kenzo Tagata is very vast and transversal capable of fascinating everyone.